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This software is mainly destined for people with permanent internet access (Company, Leased line, xDSL, Cable) who need to send large files over long distances.  Many firewalls,SMTP and POP servers apply restrictions on the maximum size of emails going through.  Try sending a 35 MB presentation from your office in Europe to your collegue in Sao Paulo and you will soon find out some people on the way are not pleased.   Software for splitting files up has been around for a long time, but then you still need to mail the bits by hand.  Other solutions (FTP, HTTP,...) are often a nono if sender or receiver is hidden behind a company firewall.  This software will let you send a +100 MB file in e.g. 3 MB slices and send them (overnight) at regular intervals in order not to choke the connection.  The nice thing about it is you can operate the software without any cooperation from your "friendly networkadministrator".   If you use modern MAPI compliant email software, then you don't even need to set any network options.

The software is build up to be robust.  It doesn't matter if your network changes the name of the attachments, or if the mails get forwarded.  Every slice gets checked upon arrival, so you can resend a single slice which got corrupted, instead of resending the whole pudding.

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Download the software.

Download the latest release from  the project page .  It is a *.MSI  file.  You can simply doubleclick it if you have Win2K, or higher, WinME or higher, or Office 2000 or higher.  If your PC doesn't know what to do with it, download the free Installer from the Microsoft website.  


Help on using the software.

Go to the project page and use the documentation tab.  You will find a helpfile there.

Get the Source Code.

The source is included in the download.

Help Wanted / To Do:

Check the To Do tab.  Contact me if you are ambitious! 

Possible features to be added in the future: data-compression, scrambling, bidirectional feedback, ...

New idea: remote control.

In the same spirit of "email is the only way out through this ******* firewall", I have been thinking about a program which would allow for (simple) remote control of a PC via email.  If your company's netAdmin doesn't want to set up a VPN to your worm-infested home PC, you could send it a mail instructing it to forward incoming mails, run a program, send you a screenshot, shut itself down,.....

Anybody thinks this is a good idea?  Anybody want to help?  Mail me:







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